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The сompany annually launches the start of a new contest for the Scholarship Programme of the company. The contest is organised for graduates of secondary schools and secondary vocational schools of Sakhalin Oblast.

The purpose of the contest is to determine shortlisted participants, which will be granted the status of “Scholarship Programme Participant” after having been admitted to study the first year in one of the Universities recommended by the company.

The following persons can participate in the contest:

• students of secondary schools who are finishing secondary (complete) general education as at the date of the contest;

• students of secondary vocational schools (full-time course), who are getting their first post-secondary education as at the date of the contest. The right to participate in the contest is granted only once.

Selection criteria for participation in the contest:

• Russian Federation citizenship;

• Sakhalin-citizen status (as per the Sakhalin Oblast permanent registration stamp in the passport);

• average academic score: for students of secondary schools or secondary vocational educational institutions − not below 4.5 for the last two years of studies; for students of specialised secondary schools with in-depth study of specific subjects (chemistry, mathematics, physics) − 4.0 (however, the score for special subjects should not be below 4.0) for the last three semesters of studies;

• willingness to receive engineering and technical education with consideration of specialisations / programmes offered under the Bachelor’s / Specialist's / Master’s Degrees in one of the Universities recommended by the company;

• commitment to work on Sakhalin Island after graduation.

 Additional information on the dates of the contest will be available in February 2022.