Sakhalin Energy continues its operations as planned and fulfils all its obligations.

The company undertakes all necessary steps to reduce the spread of the coronavirus infection and to protect the personnel at its operating assets and at the production facilities under construction. It restricted all business travels in Russia and internationally. All business meetings are now conducted online in telecom format. The working mode of both Sakhalin Energy and contractors' rotation personnel has been changed. Detailed information about all changes is provided in informational messages sent to the contractors.

To ensure stable and effective work please duly inform your contact person in Sakhalin Energy (i.e. the holder of the contract and/ or supply specialist) about the following:      

  • any circumstances which can negatively influence the work of your organisation and prevent service or material/ commodity supply provisions in full volume within the terms set by the agreement;  
  • any changes of terms of the equipment production. 
Additional information is available at the company’s website in the COVID-19 section. 

23 March 2020 Message regarding the necessity to develop and introduce preventive measures against the coronavirus infection
Message informing of the rotational personnel shift change
 7 May 2020  Message regarding learning resources for personnel at temporary accommodation facilities
 26 June 2020 Message regarding travelling via Moscow airports