Sakhalin Energy’s experience in introduction of Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Global Compact International Yearbook 2017 published an article on Sakhalin Energy’s experience in introduction of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its practical activities.

Today the goals of international community are intertwined with the goals of the business world. Only by working together can we address such challenges as building markets, combating corruption, protecting the environment, achieving social integration, etc. There are many companies trying to adhere to seventeen SDGs in their activities.

At no other time in history has the issue of synergies with other organisations for poverty alleviation, protecting the planet and achieving peace and prosperity for all been more needed by business than today.

Sakhalin Energy is aware of the importance of SDGs for its activities and much has already been done in this respect.
The company has implemented grievance mechanism which has been praised both in Russia and abroad. Sakhalin Energy became one of five companies worldwide to test the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and participated in the development of the Oil and Gas Sector Guide on implementing these Principles.

The company does its best to ensure labour safety by protecting the health of its personnel and community health; personnel development; and the attractiveness and competitiveness of its compensation and benefits package.

Sakhalin Energy pays special attention to environment protection. The company carries out regular industrial environmental control and implements a number of local environmental monitoring and biodiversity conservation programmes. 

Since the start, the company has paid close attention to the implementation of partnerships and community investments in a host territory – Sakhalin Island.

It is to the issues the article in Global Compact International Yearbook is devoted. Since the UN Global Compact International Yearbook is some kind of a training manual, the company’s experience will be useful for the entire business community in the implementation of SDGs.

Various international organisations such as UN Global Compact, UNESCO, World Wildlife Fund, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources etc. include SDG issue in their agenda on a regular basis.

To make a wide range of stakeholders aware of SDGs, the UN Global Compact International Yearbook has been publishing materials for the last two years regarding various SDG aspects such as sustainable innovations, challenges in implementing SDG, partnership for SDG achievement, companies’ practices supporting SDG etc.

UN Global Compact initiated in July 2000 is both political platform and practical framework for the companies committed to the idea of sustainable development and practise of responsible business relations.

UN Global Compact offers to the global business community dedicated resources such as SDG Compass and SDG Industry Matrix which help enterprises of various sectors and sizes to access their capacities to implement SDGs and plan concrete steps in that regard.

Sakhalin Energy supports the Sustainable Development Goals video


Sakhalin Energy’s case from the UN Global Compact International Yearbook 2017 (pdf)

7 September 2017