Sakhalin Energy launched first online report

Sakhalin Energy issues Sustainable Development Report since 2009. Company launched first online version of Sustainable Development Report with a view of of improving the reporting quality and minimising negative environmental effects. Online 2016 Report offers the possibility to quickly find information on company’s activities, results achieved and plans to go forward.

Sustainable Development Report presents summary of environmental and social activities of Sakhalin Energy which are essential for the company, its shareholders, employees and general public. The Report provides detailed presentation of a broad range of issues related to industrial and occupational safety, production quality improvement and perfection of production processes, performance management, staff development and stakeholder engagement.

Online version of the Report was prepared in parallel with printed publication, the main theme of which in 2016 was environmental protection. Simplicity and ease of use was the Report developers’ main focus. Various kinds of data presentation and associated service functions make it easy to find the required information and analyse the results of company’s activities. The sections of the Report are enriched with infographics and visual materials. 

Special attention is given to feedback function presented in the form of online survey. Detailed format of the survey allows reader to express opinion on company’s activities and contribute to improving the quality Sakhalin Energy’s reporting.

Online version of the Report is available on the website.

26 June 2017