Sakhalin Energy leads the 2017 Environmental responsibility ranking of oil and gas companies in Russia

For the second time in a row Sakhalin Energy has topped the Environmental responsibility ranking of oil and gas companies. The company achieved excellent results in three categories: environmental management, impact on environment and disclosure of information.

The results of the Environmental responsibility ranking of oil and gas companies (as part of the Common sense project) were announced on 30 November in Moscow.

The project has been implemented by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of the Russian Federation and CREON Capital with the cooperation of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources and RF Ministry of Energy. Like in the previous years, the ranking was calculated by the National Ranking Agency. The other two leaders were Exxon Neftegaz Limited and Surgutneftegaz.

Chairman of CREON Capital Fares Kilzie highlighted that the primary goal of the Common sense programme was to maintain a positive image of Russia’s oil and gas industry in the eyes of the international community.

The Environmental responsibility ranking was launched in 2014 to receive objective and comparable information about the actual impact on the environment caused by Russian oil and gas companies. The ranking is compiled based on publicly accessible information exclusively. That is why the availability, completeness of disclosure, and validity of the environmental information are the key factors that influence the ranking of the companies.

“We have been engaging with the experts of environmental organisations and oil and gas companies for four years to develop a set of ranking criteria that provide objective information about companies’ environmental responsibility,” said Alexey Knizhnikov, Head of Extractive Industry Programme at WWF Russia.

The event was held as part of the Year of Ecology in Russia to draw public attention to the issues of Russia’s environmental development, biodiversity conservation and environmental safety.

Information about the environmental impact management system in Sakhalin Energy is included in the annual Sustainable development report and published on the corporate web-site

Head of Sakhalin Energy Environmental Division Andrey Samatov recieves the environmental responsibility ranking winner diploma

1 December 2017