Winners of the 2017 Sakhalin Health and Safety Teacher of the Year Award visit the Prigorodnoye Production Complex

Sakhalin Health and Safety teachers and elementary school teachers from the education institutions of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, Poronaisk, Okha and other districts have visited the Prigorodnoye production complex.

The event was held as part of the 2017 Sakhalin Best Health and Safety Teacher contest. The visitors gained an insight into the company's production activities and scheme for maintaining a safe working environment at the company’s assets. As highlighted by Denis Ilyinov, Head of the Sakhalin EMERCOM Head Office, the teachers got a unique chance to see with their own eyes the benchmark for safe operation.

It is our priority to ensure safety in all areas of the company's activities including corporate and social responsibility. While focusing on issues of children's safety and recognising their importance for Sakhalin Oblast, the company initiated in 2005 a social programme “What to do in emergency situations” aimed to help children acquire and retain knowledge about safety in emergency situations.

The contest was organised by the Sakhalin Oblast Agency for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and Fire Safety. The competition was run by EMERCOM of Russia for the Sakhalin Oblast and the Sakhalin Ministry of Education, operated by the Sakhalin office of the Russian Union of Rescuers, an all-Russia public organisation, and supported financially by Sakhalin Energy.

The competitors had four days to demonstrate their knowledge while participating in various creativity contests such as Self-presentation, Awareness session for the local population, Open lesson, “What I know and what I can” contest, to learn new methods for ensuring safety in various spheres, and to learn how to put on a gas mask, rescue a drowning person, and carry out evacuation of pupils by alarm.

The winners and participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas and special prizes. Moreover, all the participants received methodological materials developed as part of the partnership programme “What to do in emergency situations”.

Sakhalin Health and Safety teachers and elementary school teachers at the Prigorodnoye production complex

29 November 2017