Sakhalin Energy has received three statuettes of the Digital Communications AWARDS – 2018

The awards ceremony to honour the winners of the Digital Communications AWARDS – 2018 was held in Moscow. The contest is organised by the Association of Directors for Communications and Corporate Media of Russia and the MediaBusiness International Publishing House with the support of the Novosti SMI (Media News) magazine.

Sakhalin Energy received three awards in the Digital Media and Tools and Digital Projects and Strategies categories for its three projects, presented to the Expert Council. Two of the projects are interrelated — they have the same digital character, widely known not only on Sakhalin, but also outside the island. It is Senya — the hero of cartoons, comics, cultural events and campaigns that promote safe behaviour of children and adolescents. The company won the awards for the best digital character and computer game.

The programme with Senya as the main character has been implemented since 2005 in partnership with the Main Department of the RF Ministry of Emergencies for the Sakhalin Oblast and the Sakhalin Oblast Ministry of Education. With the emergence of new technologies, there appeared new tools for the implementation of the programme: Senya began to explore the digital space more and more actively. Thus, in 2017 he became the main hero of the Travel Safely! computer game, the main purpose of which is to study the rules of safe behaviour when on a hike. This project was implemented by the Boomerang Club (Sakhalin) with the support of Sakhalin Energy. The developers of the computer game took into account the experience of professional rescuers and tourists, and involved specialists of the island`s educational institutions and the Main Department of the RF Ministry of Emergencies for the Sakhalin Oblast in the preparation of the content.

The tourist route in the game is conditional and covers the most relevant situations that can be encountered in real life when on a walking tour in Sakhalin. Although the game was initially created with the purpose to develop tourists` skills of safe behaviour when hiking in the territory of the Sakhalin Oblast, it can also be used in the educational process in any region of Russia.

Sakhalin Energy received the award in the Digital Projects and Strategies category for creating an on-line version of its Sustainable Development Report. Taking into account the advantages and convenience of providing information for stakeholders openly, as well as the rapid development of the Internet and IT technologies, the company had made a decision to issue the 2016 Report in an interactive format (HTML). Particular attention is paid to the feedback function, which allows each reader to express their opinion on the company`s activities and contribute to improving the quality of Sakhalin Energy`s reporting. The company has issued annual sustainable development reports since 2009. Until 2017, they had been printed in two languages and distributed in hard copies.

This year, the Digital Communications AWARDS received 96 entries in 33 categories. As a result of the voting, 48 projects were selected and awarded prizes. The list of winners includes well-known companies such as Severstal, Atomenergomash, Sberbank, Rosbank, MediaLine Communications Group, TASS Russian News Agency, and others.

The Digital Communications AWARDS contest was established in 2013. It aims to popularise the most significant achievements in the field of digital communications, as well as to promote products through new communication technologies and tools.

22 February 2018