Safety Lesson on the Knowledge Day

On the Knowledge Day, unusual guests visited the first-graders of elementary school No. 7 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

  At the solemn assembly, Senya and Vaska the Cat, the characters of the Safety is Important! partnership programme implemented by Sakhalin Energy, Emercom in the Sakhalin Oblast and the Ministry of Education in the Sakhalin Oblast, greeted the pupils.

Tatyana Turovskaya, Senior Inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in the Sakhalin Oblast noted that in the beginning of the school year, it is very important that each parent walk with the child along home-school-home route focusing on all hazards on the way to school. “We constantly remind children and adults that a safe route shall be made not only based on knowledge of a pupil, but most importantly - fr om appropriate behaviour on the road. This is exactly how Senya, a popular cartoon character behaves, and we hope he will become an excellent example to follow”.


At the school assembly, about two hundred first-graders together with the guests got reminded on the traffic lights and rules for crossing the road on zebra-stripe crosswalks. This knowledge was useful to them to create their own individual maps to get to school and back. The traffic police officers simulated traffic situations for children focusing on the importance of using seat belts in the vehicles and reflective elements on clothes. Additional tips for schoolchildren before the test were visual educational tools − a special cartoon and a comic strip from Senya which were approved by the State Traffic Inspectorate.


“Before, I have only seen Senya on TV, but in real life he is better - you can not only look at him, but also give ‘five’ or hold his hand. So far, my parents do not let me go to school alone, but if you follow all the rules without reminding by adults like Senya does, the day when you can go to school alone comes sooner. Also, I have already learned to draw my own safe route and I can even help someone else in my class to do it” − said Vera Sidorkina, the first-grader.

Mariya Skokova, Lead Specialist of the Social Performance Subdivision of Sakhalin Energy added that today, for the first time, children came to school wh ere they are going to get a lot of interesting and useful knowledge. It is symbolic that a new stage for the children started with their favourite character and they will surely remember this day for the rest of their lives.


A similar event was also held today in Korsakov − until the end of September, other schoolchildren of the Sakhalin Oblast will take part in it.

1 September 2021