Power of Traditions Exhibition Project Comes to an End

The Power of Traditions, a major exhibition project held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to mark the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, has come to an end. It has been implemented as a collaboration between the Literary and Art Museum dedicated to Chekhov's Book 'The Island of Sakhalin', the Sakhalin Branch of the Botanical Garden-Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Sakhalin Energy.

Over the past month, not only did the visitors get to see the rare collections from district museums that showcase the traditional lifestyles of Sakhalin ethnic groups and the important role of the island's flora in their daily lives. The exhibition also featured master classes on working with natural materials given by members of the indigenous peoples of the North, guided tours of the Botanical Garden, and lectures on the nature of Sakhalin.

"It's always so sad to close such warm, soul-stirring projects that elicit an incredibly powerful response from our visitors of all ages. There are sincere words of gratitude as well as questions as to when the residents and guests of the oblast's central city will have another exciting opportunity to visit our museum. We hope that the next partnership project is just around the corner," says Irina Romanenko, Deputy Director for Core Activities at the Literary and Art Museum dedicated to Chekhov's Book 'The Island of Sakhalin'.

During the exhibition, visitors could test their knowledge of Sakhalin flora. The plant quiz had 170 participants, some from places as remote as Moscow, St Petersburg, and Ryazan, and five of them came out on top. Tamara Prokhorova, Nina Loboyko, Marina Nekrutova, Viktor Komkov, and Polina Pakhomova were awarded prizes from Sakhalin Energy.

Nina Loboyko, the quiz's winner, says this is not the first partnership project between the museum and the Company that has grabbed her attention. “I once went to see Pristine Russia and recently discovered one more topic I can really relate to. Each event strikes me as boasting a professional approach, capable of engaging the audience in a variety of activities. For my part, not only will I keep the beautiful fish skin painting I created under the guidance of Veronika Osipova, a northern craftswoman, as a memento of the Power of Traditions, but I will also remember winning the quiz. I have to admit that the tour of the botanical garden helped me a lot - without it I would never have answered the question about Hosta sachalinensis," adds Nina Loboyko.


A total of 37 guided tours, 6 lectures, and 28 master classes have been held as part of the Power of Traditions exhibition project, attracting around 1,500 people over the month.

6 September 2021