The International Exhibition-Fair “Treasures of the North. Craftsmen and Artists of Russia 2021” Is Open in Moscow

The opening ceremony of the XVI International Fair “Treasures of the North. Craftsmen and Artists of Russia 2021” took place at Sokolniki Congress and Exhibition Centre. Representatives from 21 regions of Russia came to Moscow to take part in the event that plays an important role in life of indigenous peoples.

Participation of the Sakhalin delegation was arranged by the Sakhalin Oblast Government, the Regional Ministry of Culture and Archival Affairs (Folk Art Centre in the Sakhalin Oblast) and Sakhalin Energy.

At the opening ceremony, Nina Veisalova, Vice-President of Association of the Indigenous Peoples of Sakhalin and Far East of the Russian Federation greeted the participants and wished everyone successful work, bright, sincere meetings and new impressions.

Sergey Timoshkov, Advisor to the Head of the FADN of Russia noted that the exhibition is a complex event which demonstrates not only achievements in culture of indigenous peoples, communities and craftsmen, but also develops solutions on relevant issues related to life of ethnic groups as part of the extensive business programme.

At the opening ceremony, Tatyana Derivedmid, Head of Public Relations Division of Sakhalin Energy thanked all participants who attend the exhibition every year and share their mastery, talk about the culture and traditions of their people, ancestors, thereby preserving the continuity of generations.


This year, the Sakhalin delegation presented the book “Tales of Sakhalin” previously published by Sakhalin Energy. Fabulous illustrations of the book uniting the history of the Nivkhs, Uiltas, Evenks, Nanai adorned the exhibition stand. At the event people can learn about the philosophy and creativity of indigenous peoples as well as national literature or watch unique cartoons and videos. In addition, the exposition includes interactive master classes to be held by famous Sakhalin craftsmen. Olga Sadinova, Victoria Azizmamadova, Lyudmila Paskit, Yulia Ivanova, Tatyana Mavgun, Anna Lee, Natalya Suprun will teach how to make souvenirs fr om birch bark and fish skin, tell about the secrets of national embroidery and present the national cuisine.

“I visited the exhibition-fair several times already and I always discover something new for myself. This is the place wh ere it is always interesting. I am very pleased that our master classes attract the attention of representatives of indigenous peoples from other regions − we exchange experiences, we always have something to learn from each other” − said Olga Sadinova, the Nivkh craftswoman.


Representatives of the public association “Patchwork Island” brought the collection of modern national clothes with the Nivkh and Uilta ornaments to the exhibition. “These costumes combine the history and modernity. Such dress fits both office and restaurant” − said one of the visitors.

In addition, the cultural programme includes the presentation of the first graphic novel about the life of the Nivkhs called “Tugun, the Conqueror of Two Suns” which was released with support of the Ministry of Culture and Archival Affairs of the Sakhalin Oblast and Sakhalin Energy. Results of the Fair “Treasures of the North. Craftsmen and Artists of Russia 2021” to be announced on 12 September.

9 September 2021