Published with the support of Sakhalin Energy, Vladimir Sangi's books received an international award

Two books by the classic of Nivkh literature, Vladimir Sangi, and an animated film based on his fairy tale won the international competition "The White World of the Arctic in Children's Books". All three projects – “The Wise Seal”, “Obolorgo” (“For Children”) and “Chipmunk Looks for a Friend” - were sponsored by Sakhalin Energy.

Launched by the Children's Reading Centre of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the contest featured eight Russian regions, along with some foreign countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the USA, and others. Over 250 entries were received this year.


People's Choice Award went to the book “The Wise Seal”, released to mark Vladimir Sangi's anniversary, winning the nomination “Best Translation of a Work from the Languages of the Peoples of the North and the Arctic for Children”. What makes this project special is that the tale was published in four languages - Russian, English, French and Nivkh. Another book – “Obolorgo” (For Children) - became the best fiction for children in indigenous languages. A modern interpretation of the Nivkh fairy tale of the same name, “Chipmunk Looks for a Friend”, received a similar award, winning in the nomination “The Best Cartoon for Children about the North and the Arctic”.

According to Yulia Zavyalova, Senior Specialist in Social Performance Subdivision, Sakhalin Energy and Vladimir Sangi have been good friends for many years - the Company has sponsored many of his works. "We are delighted to know that as we approach the 10th anniversary of indigenous languages coming up next year, people all over the world are eagerly learning more about the writer's work and expressing a particular interest in Nivkh literature," she added.

Award winners can publish or republish their fictions in the Digital Publishing House of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

16 September 2021