Sakhalin Energy Tops the Key Nomination of the Labour Productivity: Russian Industry Leaders Award

Sakhalin Energy wins the Labour Productivity: Russian Industry Leaders award for the fifth year in a row.

The company tops the list in the principal labour productivity nomination among the country’s key enterprises with the annual labour productivity indicator of 153.11 million roubles per person.

“By coming first in the TOP-100 ranking, we prove that we have chosen the right HR management strategy and we are successfully implementing it. Guided by the principles of continuous improvement, we strive to make the maximum use of our staff’s potential, so that each employee at his or her level of responsibility can make a personal contribution to optimising production systems and setting up work processes in such an optimal way as to make them most comfortable and safe. Such an HR policy approach obviously improves both the quality of each employee’s work and the productivity of the company in general, thus ensuring its competitiveness,” said Roman Dashkov, Sakhalin Energy’s Chief Executive Officer.

When implementing such a technically challenging project as Sakhalin-2, the company has established a strategy to achieve its maximum production efficiency – a Continuous Improvement programme. It implies synergy and optimisation of all processes inextricably linked to each other. The programme principles go beyond the production scope, ensuring high HSE performance, achievement of target reliability indicators for assets and equipment, as well as cost reduction and mitigation of reputational risks.

To calculate indicators for the award, information provided by the companies in a survey as well as data from public sources (quarterly and annual reports) was used. During the assessment, the data of over 5,000 industrial enterprises in Russia was studied – their overall revenue amounted to more than 51% of Russia’s GDP, and the number of their employees exceeded 5.5 million people.

The award programme has been annually held by the Production Management Business Portal since 2015. The project’s main objective is to identify industry leaders in Russia, its regions, and key industries, to highlight those who achieve unique results and develop the country’s production potential, while offering industrial enterprises worthy examples to follow in their development.

1 October 2021