Sakhalin Energy Took Part in the 10th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

Sakhalin Energy delegation led by Roman Dashkov, Chief Executive Officer, went to join the 10th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, which is widely regarded as one of the largest convention and exhibition projects in the oil and gas industry.

Twenty-five employees from different divisions took part in panel and roundtable discussions, conferences, and sessions to talk about the development of the Russian gas market and global trends in the gas industry. The forum agenda offered the following four main blocks: INGAS STREAM 2021 — Innovations in the Gas Industry, NGV Fuel, ROS-GAS-EXPO International Dedicated Exhibition of Gas Industry and Equipment, and the 5th Corporate Exhibition Import Phaseout in the Gas Industry, which was particularly interesting for the Sakhalin-2 operator.

“This forum is an excellent platform for exchanging experience as it brings together the companies operating in various climatic zones and implementing projects at various stages of the life cycle. Practices shared by each of them are unique and interesting. The forum also welcomed national manufacturers in the area of supply chain management for oil and gas companies. Now we have to analyse and implement our Russian Content Development programme, with the view of the Russian market,” said Roman Dashkov.

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“This event opens the way to evaluate the willingness of manufacturers to cooperate, to understand our needs, not only in terms of technical solutions, but also for quality control and testing requirements to confirm the claimed characteristics. We met quite a few companies willing to discuss challenges and work together to find solutions. However, some may think that Sakhalin Energy is unreasonably demanding in terms of quality of equipment and services. This is a misconception. As all our choices are guided only by ensuring maximum safety level. The forum platform provides a space for a dialogue with Russian suppliers. Putting together a package of orders for Russian producers, understanding our common challenges and constraints will help us expand the pool of potential suppliers willing to cooperate, and upd ate the list of Russian Content Development projects,” said Yegor Dudochkin, Russian Content Development Advisor to the Technical Directorate, supporting Sakhalin Energy CEO statement.

A whole block of events was related to the development and training of human resources for the fuel and energy sector. According to Alexander Sheykin, Sakhalin Energy HR Director, the company’s current HR policy meets the demanding requirements se t by the industry and overdelivers in many aspects. It is also really important to contribute to the common demand for dedicated staff training in the universities and to promptly respond to key challenges and changes.

Like at other main federal and international forums, the agenda of the Gas Forum focused on environmental protection, digitalisation and the challenges of the new reality.

“Participation in leading industry events, both national and international, is beneficial not only to the participants themselves, who build up competences in their professional and often related areas, but to the company as well, as it gains new expertise. And, of course, the industry, which accumulates synergy at the forum for further development. Federal centres of responsibility set up in the oil and gas industry and synced up efforts taken together with state authorities are the integral components that ensure the most efficient implementation of strategically significant initiatives,” said Roman Dashkov and promised that the experience gained at the 10th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum will definitely find its way at the next Far Eastern Energy Forum in 2022.

13 October 2021