Sakhalin Energy Ranked Top in Sustainable Development Reporting

AK&M Rating Agency assigned Sakhalin Energy the highest ESG Reporting Rating (RESG 1).

Sakhalin Energy was one of the first companies in Russia to present its 2020 sustainable development report. This is the company's twelfth report that has been prepared under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The content and priorities of the document are defined in close cooperation with all stakeholders. The report includes detailed information on the company's operational, environmental, social, and other performance in the past year.

Sakhalin Energy consistently adheres to ESG principles in its work and systematically analyses international and Russian trends in non-financial reporting. Continuous improvement in terms of the provision of high-quality information demonstrates the company's commitment to a sustainable development and a proactive stance towards embedding the SDGs in its practices.

As noted by AK&M Rating Agency, Sakhalin Energy fully discloses data on staff working conditions, but the company is advised to add information on the average monthly salary of employees. This is the first time Sakhalin Energy has participated in the ESG Reporting Rankings.


The ESG reporting rating has been calculated by the AK&M Rating Agency since 2020. The focus of the study is the completeness of sustainability information in reports (annual statements and sustainable development reports), as well as its public availability. The study examines 88 markers. The main purpose of the rating is to show the professional community the best practices in disclosing information on companies' social and environmental activities. In 2021, the ESG Reporting Rating included leading Russian companies that were the first in Russia to build their business in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

18 October 2021