Social Initiatives

    Energy Social Initiatives Fund
    What to do in Emergency Situations
    Sakhalin Road Safety Council 
    Korsakov Partnership Council
    Employees Charity Initiatives
    Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan
    Social Investment

    The 80th anniversary of Vladimir Sangi – Nivkhi classic
    The World of Nivkhs Exhibition in Saint Petersburg

The Company’s priority areas of social programmes are identified in the course of consultations with the public. These are:

  • education;
  • safety
  • environment and biodiversity protection;
  • health;
  • culture and arts; and
  • provision of assistance in the development of the indigenous peoples of the North of the Sakhalin Oblast.

Sakhalin indigenous people support is one of the key areas of Sakhalin Energy social programmes

The Company does not finance religious or political organisations or parties, or travels if they are the sole result of the project.

Most social projects are implemented in partnership with stakeholders including public organisations and government authorities.